Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Spring Fair!

The wildflowers are just starting to bloom and today was the Waldorf Spring Fair. Between now and Christmas is the best time of the year in Perth, Australia.

Here is my doll stall: under the gum trees and out in the open sunshine:
Here is yours truly with the dolls awaiting adoption:

This is Fran Rosenthall: the Waldorf Kindy teacher who originally taught me how to make waldorf dolls. Here she is inspecting my latest batch:

That baby looks like me! I just love the looks on the kiddies' faces;

A spring flower children dance:

Someone was selling these wooden swords and sheilds and they were a hit! Here is a young page practising dragon slayingTwo more pages and some young damsels:

A happy customer:


Closer to 40 everyday !!! said...

I love your blog. It is wonderful. It is great to see you and your dolls.

shelleycaskey said...

hi sarah - great pictures of your spring faire! how lovely. i imagine you do quite nicely at the faire with your dolls. they are so beautiful! we'll be having our winter faire here in texas in december. :) just finding your blog - i'll be a regular visitor now. :) ~ shelley,