Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barbies "Don't Take the Oath"

I'm reading a chapter each night of this book to my son, and we both love it:
It's called The Doll People and it's about a family of dolls that have taken the oath in the doll factory to keep the secret from all humans, and they are granted life. If they are seen alive by a human, they risk "Permanent Doll State". I had to laugh at this ..... Annabelle Doll points to a Barbie Doll and asks; "Permanent Doll State"? Uncle Doll replies: "No. Didn't take the oath. Barbies never do." My son couldn't work out why I found that so funny.

Some dolls really do seem alive. Look at this pic a customer sent me of one of my dolls 'reading a book' with a child.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, my daughter loves this book and the follow-up one, Meanest Doll in the World! It's one of our favorites, too! :)

Sarah said...

Great :-) I wanted to get that one next.