Friday, March 16, 2012


I will be homeschooling this year, and then probably for the next 2-4 years. So, I am too busy to make made-to-order dolls.
However, you can:
1. Buy ready made dolls from my website here or at Etsy.

Or, challenge yourself and ....
1. Purchase an instantly downloadable pattern and make your own.
2. Buy a kit, which comes with a free pattern:

From time to time I hope to keep adding dolls to the Dolls Ready for Instant Purchase section of my website.


Carla said...

Sarah I've never seen your blog before. But how lovely it is! I've made 4 dolls from your patterns. One baby dolls, 2 girls and 1 boy doll. My children havent played much with their dolls lately, but they're inspired by the lovely photos on your blog. Now I just have to make some more clothes :)
I homeschool too. Are you taking a Waldorf approach? Best of luck :)

La tete dans les nuages said...

Thank you for making this blog as well as your very helpful DVD and other great advice.
Homeschooling is a long journey, it will be your best voyage ever. You'll be learning more than your children! And at times, I guess your doll making will be your sanity saviours! lol. Welcome to the club.
Kind regards.

Blogger said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement ladies! :-) I'm using both Waldorf and Classical methods. They are very similar in fact.

rysh said...

Hi Sarah, I recently watched your DVD, i'm inspired, looking forward to starting with my doll kits (I seem to have lost my patterns so i've sent you an email.....). Congrats on your homeschool adventure! I homeschool too and agree with A, I feel like I learn more than my children. Have fun with it and great blog.
Ryshell xxx