Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Medieval Dress: First, the human version ...

Within a few days I will have a new doll's clothing pattern out, which will be based on this stunning medieval dress pattern, which I made for a medieval banquet. It is such a simple pattern because there are no sleeves to set in. I was told by a medieval clothing expert from the SCA that the seamless sleeve was typical of that era, and it really looks effective. Watch this space closely as I will soon have this pattern available for Waldorf Dolls. The new pattern will include a cape, shoes and hair wreath!
The new pattern will be made for the 13-14" doll, but if you want to make it larger just take it to a printers, and have it enlarged by percentage.

The velour I made these dresses from has a rich look and feel about it. It has 4 way stretch and doesn't fray!! It hangs so well and doesn't crease no matter what you do. If you're in Australia, you can buy it from Spotlight in a variety of colours.

A close-up of the sleeve

Now to decide which dress to wear to the banquet;
blue or pink?? .......

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