Friday, September 11, 2009

How To Choose Good Stuffing Wool

Here is a photo of two types of wool strands. The top one is felting wool and the lower one is stuffing wool. The difference is that the felting wool is much finer and more silky. The lower one is courser and has more space between the fibres. If you stuff dolls with finer, felting type wool, you will end up with more of a lumpy look, you will use a lot more, and it will be much harder work. Also, it is vital that the wool used for stuffing is completely dry of any Lanolin. Even a small amount of "grease" will eventually seep through the doll's tricot skin and create a "greasy" look!

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Honey said...

Do you know of any American mommas that sell quality stuffing?

I bought some bamboo stuffing to try but I keep seeing tons of info about wool but no bamboo... Is wool better for some reason?